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CD Reviews on "Beautiful Tonight"

FOLKER 02.06 / Christian Beck:
"On the way to become a quality composer, singer or musician it can't be wrong to adapt standards from the best. And it also seems not to be a bad idea to pick one or the other jewel from the past, that hasn't been worn out from everyone and everywhere: not many do have the grand "Driftin'" of western-swing-outlaw Dan Hicks in their repertoire, the same for country ikon Bobbie Gentry's "Ode to Billie Joe". And soundtrack-god Henry Mancini's "Moon River" at least in folk and familiar genres is not a standard at all. Susanne Werth (vocals, guitar, percussion), Friedrich Barniske (vocals, guitar) und Arne Zauber (chromatic button accordion) match these and other foreign compositions like „Luka“, „Cow Cow Boogie“, „September Mond“ or „Who’s Gonna Stop The Rain“ not only almost congenial, they also translated them at the same time into their chanson-idiom which is dominated by the female vocals and the accordion - and so they made them unrevocable their own. And once they are there, they put some first band originals aside that wont have to hide from the more famous ones. This doesn't mean that everything yet is gold what obviously already is shining in its acoustic appearance but nevertheless maybe someday one or the other Wasteland Green number will have got what it takes to inspire following generations..."

RADIO BERLIN 88,8 / Arno Clauss:
„I like this CD. And it's not only the songs that are good, but the tension of the whole CD, means: you like to listen to the real end of it. - WASTELAND GREEN is one of the highest profiled folk bands in Berlin“.

AKUSTIK GITARRE 5.06 / Stefan Woldach:
„The name should already be known to many concert visitors. The trio has gained an outstanding repute within the songwriter scene, for it has developed a sound of trio work that is independent and distinct, also charming and fascinating. How versatile the range of musical sounds of Wasteland Green is, is to be shown by the chosen repertoire of the debut CD. It is based on originals, which carry influences of folk, singer-songwriter and celtic music. It also can be heard in brightly arranged cover versions as there is Suzanne Vegas’ ‘Luka’ or the Mancini-Mercer evergreen ‘Moon River’. They are highly convincing with their typical harmony singing in romantic songs like ‘September Mond’ or ‘Just Before’. In October 2005 the trio recorded “Beautiful Tonight” at the On Air Studio Berlin. Except from few ink spots and some vocal harmonies there were no over dubs at all. They released an impressing production, which gives way for breathing – due to the analogical recording – that offers time for beautiful moods and that invites to daydreaming in an irresistible way. It’s a beautiful, independent and fascinating album.

WESTERN MAIL 8.06 / Iris Paech:
“All songs have got one thing in common: they are performed in a real sensitive way. It’s soft music in a loud world, full of warmth and feeling. The voice of Susanne Werth is just excellent, Friedrich Barniske and Arne Zauber are great experts on their instruments. It’s a delightful and wonderful piece of acoustic music.”

GLOBAL MOJO I / 2007 / Mojo Mendiola:
"An unplugged Folk music trio from noisily jarring Berlin? It seems amazing at first sight but is worth listening to anyway. And Susanne Werth (vc, g, pc), Friedrich Barniske (vc, g) and Arne Zauber at the chromatic button accordion do have fans even in England. For their self produced debut album they compiled a versatile mix. Besides some songs of their own they also deliver quite remarkable and enjoyable covers of Suzanne Vega’s “Luka“ and Bobby Gentry’s “Ode To Billy Joe“ (oh yes, indeed). The ballads already come in mature manner, but in up-tempo Susanne Werth could here and there put some more fire into her vocals. That would make the sometimes Cajun like swinging mélange come across even better."